In the past when something happen that I didn’t like, I like most people tried to change it.  My focus was on that event.  I thought I was doing what I should do, I thought I was doing all that I could do.  What I now realize is that I was just rearranging chairs on the Titanic.  I was focused on the event and not the cause and by focusing on the event I was taking the wrong action, action that could never change the event that has already happen.  What I was not doing was focusing on the cause, and the cause is the only thing that can change the event.

Now imagine that you where one of those ill fated folks that was on the Titanic.  The cruise is going great till the iceberg is hit and then what would you do?  Do you still go to the dinner seating?  Do you still attend the shows, would you rearrange the chairs on the deck?  Of course not, you would be looking for a way off the ship, and if you got on another ship, you would start looking for icebergs so you could avoid them.

A sinking ship is a bad thing and no one wants to be on one, but that is just the effect.  The cause was the hitting of the iceberg.  So you don’t need to avoid sinking ships, you need to avoid being on ships that hit icebergs.

Now let’s make this personal, is your life where you want it to be?  Is your future heading the way you want it to go?  If not is very easy focus on the events of your life and not on the inner life.  Our outer life is a reflection of our inner life.  Where you are today is a direct reflection of where your thoughts where six months to a year ago and where your thoughts are today will be reflected in your life in the future.  If you want to change where you are learn to focus on the causes and not on the events.