We all will have things in this life that happen to us that hurt us. Some of these things will happen on purpose, where someone we know hurts us and sometime we hurt by people and they don’t ever know what they have done.

The question is what will we do with these hurts? We have a choice, we can forgive and move on or we can get bitter and stuck. It has been said, “bitterness is a poison that we drink expecting others to die.” That is such a good and simple definition. When we become bitter, the damage does not happen to the one that hurt us but it happens to us. Most time they have went on with their life and are not even thinking about us or what they did. We are the one that is stuck, we are the one who is being poisoned not them. This event becomes an emotional focus in our life, one that we cannot move on from.

We forgive because it frees us. We forgive before we are asked. We forgive even if the person does not deserve it. We forgive not because of what it does for that person but because of what it does for us. The bible says “do not be overcome with evil but overcome evil with good.” That is a simple concept to understand but can be a hard one to apply. If we become bitter we will be controlled by that event and we will be stuck unable to move forward with our lives. If we forgive and do good we are freed from that event, it becomes part of our past. It no longer controls us but we have the control of it. You must forgive so you can greet each new day with love in your heart. Without forgiveness you cannot have love.