Diets are a big topic today.  The Atkins Diet, sugar busters, protein powers – I could go on and on.  What we have learned is, what goes in us affects us.  Change your diet, change your life.

There’s a second type of diet, your mental diet.  And what we think about affects us.  Change what you think about, change your life.

I’ve been on a mental diet this last week.  One that has been more challenging than any physical diet I’ve ever been on.  The challenge has been not to allow a negative mental thought to come into my mind, or at least not let one stay in my mind.  Negative thoughts can just pop in your head.  I’ve never had food just pop in my mouth on a regular diet.  People can try to make you go negative.  I’ve never had someone try to force feed me food in the past.

Changing to only positive thoughts and not letting negative thoughts into your head is a real challenge.  Emment Fox, in his great work The Seven Day Mental Diet, used the metaphor of an ember from a fire landing on your sleeve.  If, instantly, you blow the ember off, there is no damage.  If you let the ember sit there, it will ruin the sleeve.  I’ve always liked what Martin Luther said.  We’re not responsible for the bird that flies over our head, but we are responsible if we let it build a nest in our hair.  That has been one of the challenges; that, when a thought does pop into your mind, to quickly displace it with a positive thought.

This week has been a challenge and I’ve had many resets, but I’m learning to take captive every thought.  And by keeping the birds from building nests in my hair, I know that, over time, I will change what I think.  And when you change your mental diet, you will change your life.