Who could have thought sitting for 15 minutes could be worth so much?

One of the daily exercises in MKMMA is to sit for 15 minutes.  That is right just to sit. Now what good can it be to just sit?  That was the thought that I had at first, but over time I started seeing changes in my life just spending time each day sitting.

Now don’t get me wrong this is not as easy as it sounds.  We live in a time when there are more and more distractions. The noise is everywhere, and finding a place and time to be still and be quite is much harder than you think.  As I started, I would find my body not wanting to be still.  I don’t think I had fidgeted since I was a kid but I sure was now.  However, over time I learned quite my body.  I thought that was the hard part till I saw how it was to quite my mind.  You would be amazed at how many thoughts could pop into your mind and how hard it is to keep your thoughts under control for just a few minutes.  But over time, I could go longer and longer keeping my thoughts under control.  I was learning the power of focus and it has great power.

As I have done this the first thing I have seen is  my focus being increasing in everything I was doing.  It made me think of a time when I was a child and I had a small plastic magnifying glass. I used it to burn holes in leaves which demonstrated the power of focus. If I moved the magnifying glass it had no effect but it I held it still it burned the leaf quickly. That is what this sitting time was a time was doing for me, it was creating focus.  I now see the benefits in my life, I am less distracted, I have better follow through and I’m getting more and more done each day.

So maybe it’s time for you to take a sit.