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I was very excited when I got the call from Simon Chan asking me if I would be willing to be interviewed for his podcast MLM Network. Simon Chan is a multimillion dollar earner in network marketing and has one of the largest podcasts for network marketers. Below is a transcript of the interview I did with Simon. It was an amazing time and I felt truly honored.

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This Simon Chan, today we’re interviewing Steve Lacy who is a multiple six‑figure earner in his network marketing company. He lives in Huntsville Alabama with his wife; he has developed over 20,000 people in his down line and is financially independent through what he is doing.

Hi Steve, welcome to the podcast. Are you ready to bring it?

Steve: I’m ready to go, Simon. Thank you for the opportunity to share.

Simon Chan: Steve let me ask you what is your motivation for doing what you’re doing?

Steve: Well Simon, I think financial freedom and time freedom is an awesome thing to have. The fact that I can do what I want to do when I want to do it is really amazing. The fact that I could build a business where I work for a short period of time and is paying me the rest of life, that’s awesome; but honestly, one of my motivations is I can help others. I’ve owned a business before, I owned a Merry Maids franchise and I couldn’t help somebody come up with $100,000.00 to invest in a Merry Maids franchise, nor would I want to, knowing what it took, but I can help someone spend just a little bit of money, develop a system, and become financially independent and that really motivates me to help others.

Simon: Steve can you tell me about your habits? What’s helped you become successful?

Steve: Well Simon I have to be honest. The first 4 years I really struggled. I only signed up 14 people and I got in what’s called management mode. I wanted to manage people and make them successful and I realized that I couldn’t do that; that I needed to be in the trenches prospecting. So every day I prospect. Matter of fact, I even do it now as an example.

Simon: What was your biggest aha moment?

Steve: Well Simon, I guess it came when I joined what was called the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance and it just helped me realized how my thinking was all messed up. I really had a failure mindset. I would have never said that but I did. I constantly would visualize negative things and be looking at negative outcomes and I really learned that your mind creates a future in a sense you act accordingly. So if you’re expecting someone to say no, they’re almost always going to say no. If you’re expecting you sign up to do nothing, they’re going to do nothing. And I found by changing the way I thought, I could change the way I act and believe it or not, it changed the way others acted and I realized that success was always within my grasp, I was just walking by it.

Simon: What are your favorite prospecting tools?

Steve: Well Simon, I really kind of created a new system. Our system was based on one person just absolutely being sold out and spending a ton of time and it was like a full-time job and then some. It paid you well, but it was exhausting. So what I did is create a kind of a sorting system. I remember reading Perry Marshall’s book on sales and marketing from an 80‑20 method and so what I did is set up a really simple little 60‑second message on a phone call. And I could give out a tool, a magazine; I could give someone a card that would say do you own your life? And they would make a call. And during that 60 seconds, it would kind of sort, were they interested in owning their life or not? If they had interest, then they left their name and number. If they didn’t have interest, they didn’t. And then what I did is I would make a phone call to that person. I would sell myself to them; let them know who I was and you know, people buy from people they know, like and trust.   So I wanted to build a little bit of trust and if again I like them, and things seemed positive, I would send them to a website. The website would give them a short video that explained kind of the system we were using and what we’re doing and it was up to them. They left again, an email address, phone number and there was another follow up where I would do the full presentation. It allowed me to go through a whole bunch of people and spend my time only meeting with those who were available. So just my best prospects, who was just a phone number, where people get basic information.

Simon: Self development. I know leaders grow, so how have you developed? What would be a favorite book of yours?

Steve: Well, I think for me the best book I read is “Success Principles” by Jack Canfield. Every time I read that book I get something new from it but I think Jack does a great job of talking about the mental aspects but also what you have to do to succeed so I think that was probably the best book.

Simon: What makes you most excited about the network marketing industry?

Steve: Well Simon, I think what really makes me excited is that this is an industry that’s becoming more and more accepted. It’s one in which you can get information to people faster. I think some people have messed up by trying to make this an online business where you’re doing everything by links and you’ve got to connect to people. You have to pick up the phone call. People need to not just see a video. They need to talk to you, then see a video. There needs to be a human side of it but I think there are less people negative than has ever been negative before.

Simon: Alright Steve, I’m now going to ask you my million dollar question. If you started over again, and knew no one, what would be the first thing you would do to grow your MLM business from scratch?

Steve: I would go for a niche. I think again if I knew no one, I would look for a niche. For me, I’m a pastor, so I would look for pastors because pastors already know me; I know them. They are like me because we have similar likes, and they would trust me. So I would call pastors and I would work in that niche to help pastors and when they signed up, I would work as normal within their warm markets and help present to people but I would go talking to pastor s and if I signed up someone who is a real estate agent, I’d have them talk to real estate agents; a teacher to teachers. I think everybody has a niche of people they already know, like and trust because they have similarity. So I would do that.

Simon: Well Steve, thank you so much for your time. We appreciate you investing with this. You have given us great content and it was a joy to interview you today. Hope you have a great future. Thank you for your time