This week I’ve been learning a lot about the power of habits. Habits can be our greatest friend or they can be our worst enemy. Most of the habits that I have developed over the years have not been purposeful. I made choices, some good and some bad and overtime these choices have become deep ingrained  habits in my life.

I never realized how powerful these habits were or how hard they could be to break . I had changed habits that affected me physically but felt helpless to change habits that were affecting me mentally.

Last year I chose to run a marathon. I’d never ran one before and it was on my bucket list, being 53 years old I thought this was one I did not need to put off any longer, but needed to get it off the list. So I made the choice to run the marathon.

After doing the research and talking to many who had successfully completed a marathon. I knew the course of action and had a plan to follow to complete my first marathon.

My life radically changed as I went from a couch potato to running four times a week. My Saturday runs, were my long runs and they grew to over 20 miles as the weeks went on.  These long runs where tough but the other three shorter daily runs were tougher, because I have to make time for them.  See I was not in the habit of working out and to find fours time a week to do this was a very tough task, but I was committed and and willing to pay the price. It all came together in December of 2014 when I completed the St Johns marathon.  I didn’t set any records but I got it done.

As I am studying the Master Keys, I’ve realized the same principles that applied to running the marathon applies to changing other habits in my life.  In the past I’ve always felt I was a stuck with habits I’ve had since I was young, like being messy, not finishing task on time, and avoiding conflict, to name a few.

It is been so freeing to realize that I was wrong. And that any bad habit, can be replaced by a good habit, and the Master Keys give me the steps to take to change any bad habit I now have by replacing it with a good habit.  I will be new person in next year because of bad habits that will be replaced with good habits, habits that will service and not the other way around.